My tryst with scientific research: Part 2


Pursuing doctoral research with a Montessori going kid is not a joke! And that too, with the standards set by the university, it was going to be still worse. But I thought it is still worth giving a try. I passed the entrance test and got the offer after going through a formal interview. The objectives set for my doctoral research were quite ambitious more like a small kid trying to reach the moon. I had by now understood that it is not a cakewalk though there is a common misconception that most of the research in India happens by and large only in a few elite institutions. But it is the fact that most of the research in our country is bookish. The outcome finds place in local or paid journals only or in a journal where the editor is known. The stress is more on acquiring the degree than doing something fruitful. This is one of the reasons that the data from the year 2010 shows that India’s share of world’s research output in the field of molecular biology is mere 2.1%. Continue reading


My tryst with scientific research: Part 1


I always had a dream inside my heart that one day I will receive an International prize for my research work. This dream remains dormant in my mind only to wake up during the announcements of various prizes like Santi Swarup Bhatnagar awards, Nobel Prize, Infosys Prize and similar kinds. The surge in the emotions attains new heights when the award goes to a woman. Continue reading