Let me be hopeful

that my research goes global

that my endeavours are acknowledged

and I receive a nobel

Everyone is hopeful in this world

We live with a ray of light

we embrace all the failures

but never leave this sight



useful research

That’s what I am trying to do

discover the undiscovered

research the unsearched

explore the unexplored

but is it worth to waste

your plenty of precious time

your years of hard work

in microbes and enzyme

after all they are not visible

and so is your effort on them

they are not helping you either

can you be still wiser

discover something big

discover something important

discover something to show

that efforts are not dormant


Daily Prompt: Enthusiasm

I do wait

with lots of enthusiasm

when the experiments are done

and the outcome is awaited

when the exams are over

and the results are awaited

when the reaction is ON

and the effect is awaited

when the simulation is running

and the conclusion is awaited

but it is never the same way

the results never as expected

the outcome as planned

the effect as proposed

the conclusion as programmed

so the enthusiasm is conditional

the way the joy is…


our fortune

it is our fortune

we are born as humans

but we never care for

creatures smaller than us

as we think

the size represent the power

we hit weak people

we kill innocent creatures

we feel we are powerful

but the very fact is that

we are ignorant and petite

we are mortal and fragile

we can’t even fight a virus

we cannot defeat a bacteria

so, why are we so supercilious?

in this colossal milky way

we are no bigger than microbes

our identity is so miniscule

our life is as susceptible as theirs

we should thank the almighty

for the life he has bestowed

and live it with modesty and peace


The real relaxation

When you submit your assignments

when you contain the excitements 

when you are done away with thesis

when you look like evaporating aphesis

when the beach enjoys your beauty

when the masseuse does her duty

when the act of lust concludes

when the weekend protrudes

when there is clear blue sky

when there is an infant nearby

when the music embraces

when you see charming faces

you relax!


The real microbes

men are like microbes

they are present around

you may not notice them

but they always notice you

whenever they get chance

they just pounce on you

and make you their prey

you are just lost in a fray

you feel they are helpful

till they show their colour

it is not that they are moody

it is because of their character

you need a powerful microscope

to distinguish for the useful ones

as your vision is too blurred

and you are the susceptible ones