Etiquette at schools

One of the most important aspects of child education is about ownership of the responsibility. Once the kid is admitted to a school, the parents feel that imparting the personality traits such as honesty, discipline, integrity, truthfulness etc. is the responsibility of the teachers and the school management. They often keep quoting, so and so school kids are too disciplined, too smart, too bright etc. But they effortlessly forget their part. And, with both the parents fully immersed in the pool for earning money, they even do not bother to sit with the kids for homework. No wonder, many such parents prefer schools which do not burden the kids with the exercises called homework, projects, models etc. Then, how do we expect miracles from kids? It is to be noted that, there are homes where parents or the guardians undo all the efforts put up by the teachers at schools by letting loose their kids. There are parents who neither check their kid’s progress nor allow other members or caretakers to check the progress. It is easy to imagine what those kids will turn into. Continue reading