Etiquette at schools

One of the most important aspects of child education is about ownership of the responsibility. Once the kid is admitted to a school, the parents feel that imparting the personality traits such as honesty, discipline, integrity, truthfulness etc. is the responsibility of the teachers and the school management. They often keep quoting, so and so school kids are too disciplined, too smart, too bright etc. But they effortlessly forget their part. And, with both the parents fully immersed in the pool for earning money, they even do not bother to sit with the kids for homework. No wonder, many such parents prefer schools which do not burden the kids with the exercises called homework, projects, models etc. Then, how do we expect miracles from kids? It is to be noted that, there are homes where parents or the guardians undo all the efforts put up by the teachers at schools by letting loose their kids. There are parents who neither check their kid’s progress nor allow other members or caretakers to check the progress. It is easy to imagine what those kids will turn into.

Over and above, there are schools which organize parenting workshops. That means they have now started considering the parents aspects, as well. The bitter fact is that the new age parents do need all these parenting and counseling workshops. Though all parents may feel themselves as ideal parents, the fact is that when it comes to the parenting quotient they hardly score pass marks. Not only at home, even in the school, during the functions, the performance of parents is very dismal. Those who disagree should attend to their kid’s sports day or annual day and watch peacefully the parent’s discipline, integrity and obedient behavior. Even the kids feel ashamed of their parent’s mannerism during the days when the kid’s performance is at stake. To the surprise, the management is seeing less attendance in these parenting workshops, as well.

Start with the school’s instruction; ‘Please do not bring the vehicle to the school, park at the scheduled place instead.’ You will see that most of the parent will bring their vehicles of different shape and size and try to park nearest to the school gate. Thankfully there are steps and gates at the entrance else they would have parked the vehicles outside the classrooms. The instruction, ‘Please keep mobile in silent mode’ transforms parents into violent mode.

Recently when I attended my kid’s sports day function, I was surprised to see parents least bothered about the rules and regulations school management had framed for the smooth conduct of the events. Parents were asked to bring their identity cards and many failed to do so. They were asked to come in time, many kept walking in as per their wish. They were asked to be seated during the event; half of the parents remain standing despite many requests.

And, as the biggest lawbreaker for all the events in this world is the mobile phone, parents never missed any chance to utilize its capabilities during the entire event. There were parent turned movie directors all around. The disciplined parents were lying dejected. Many kids too acknowledged their parents heroism by waving them in between their acts. The audience stall remained fish market throughout. One place parents didn’t bother much and that was while cheering for the kids. When you have mobiles in your hands, how do one clap? So, we see a Swarm of parents jumping in the front to capture their kids on their cameras. They were really not bothered if their kid was coming first or second in the race, instead they were worried if the kid came in their photo frame or not! The management too was surprised seeing such indiscipline. After repeated requests for co-operation, they too gave up.

Further, the staff kept announcing that the parents should not meet their kids during the event as it may distract them. But the parents not only interacted but some euphoric parents even brought their kids to their seats. The class teachers kept begging, the announcers kept requesting, but to no avail. Many wondered as to what culture was this actually? The school had already put up in the circular that the parents should not take their kids with them before the closing ceremony. But the parents were seen attempting this and trying hard to make it a success instead of the events. So, if the security of the kids is at stake, who is responsible for that?

I wished if we could replace parents with the kids and vice versa on that sports day, the conduct of the events would have been smoother! Just wondered as to who requires a class on mannerism and discipline? It was so Vivid.

The school annual day too is not an exception. Half of the parents stand and some even stand on the chairs for better (photographic) view. Some pull their chairs to the most convenient locations. Some sit on the mats while some prefer to stand on the front! The well organized seating arrangement becomes a school of random seats within no time. Then, the click of the mobile cameras, the shooting spree, the hunt for the kids to get them back, the chaos. All this exercise to achieve what purpose?

Watching kids perform is an awesome experience indeed but isn’t it prudent to show mannerism and discipline during such events? The school helps in grooming the kids and we, as parents should help the school in this endeavor because we are the beneficiary after all! Will the parents grow up, now?


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