Braz. J. Bot

Effect of Rhizophagus spp. and plant growth promoting Acinetobacter junii on Solanum lycopersicum and Capsicum annuum

by Rashmi Dikshit


Beneficial interactions of plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AM Fungi) are vital to keep agriculture sustainable. The present study involves the isolation of Acinetobacter junii and the extraction of spores of Rhizophagus intraradices and R. fasciculatus from the rhizospheric region of Solanum lycopersicum and Capsicum annuum plants. Dual inoculation resulted in growth promotional aspects such as on the fruit yield (1.98 kg/plant ), increased biomass (30.36 g tomato; 10.67 g bell pepper), %93 % root colonisation, phosphate accumulation in shoots (2.06 mg/mL tomato; 2.26 mg/mL bell pepper), number of spores (238 tomato, 242 bell pepper), and glomalin, a soil-related protein (16.75 mg/mL tomato; 18.09 mg/mL bell pepper) in both the plants.


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